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This is an exciting course in D&T which gives you the opportunity to work in a whole variety of different materials including paper, card, wood, metal, plastics, textiles, and more!   Rather than specialising in one material, Product Design recognises that designers need to consider many different possible materials when designing products for the modern market.  You will study the work of designers, both past and present, and analyse their work as well as working on design and make projects of your own.  

Did you know that Jonathan Ive, the Design Director of Apple and responsible for the Apple Mac and the iPod studied A-level Design & Technology and a degree in design at Newcastle? You can view some of Jony’s product design in the iPhone 7 here. You can also listen to a small section of the Engineering Commons Podcast talking about the properties of steel here.

You must study and work with a minimum of two different materials areas (one of which must be paper and card) in order to fulfil the requirements of this course. The idea is that you are then able to concentrate on a materials area of your choice when working on the major design and make project in Years 10 and 11.

The work you have already done in Years 7, 8 and 9 in Design & Technology has prepared you well for the GCSE courses on offer.  You have learned how to design your own products working to a design brief, and you have also developed some of the skills necessary to make the products you have designed working with a whole variety of different materials and components.

Your GCSE will enable you to continue to develop these skills and to undertake more exciting and ambitious projects.  The two options available this year are described in more detail below.




Currently in the Design & Technology department there are three main members of staff: Miss Weatherburn (HoD and teacher), Mr Higham (teacher)and Miss Glaves (technician). They will typically be found in the workshops on a school day