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Who's Who at Lady Lumleys - Staff

Here you can find a list of staff at Lady Lumley's School



James Ambrose Assistant Headteacher i/c Sixth Form
Heather Arlott Technician, Science
Felicity Barker ATS
Johnathan Barker-White Cleaner
Jane Bartlett Teacher, English
Paul Bircumshaw Supply
Lee Blacklock Learning Support Assistant
Martin Blythe Transport Manager 
Trevor Boag Consultant-English
Claire Brackley Admin Support
Liz Bramley Staffroom Catering
Richard Bramley Headteacher
Dawn Briston ATS
Enid Brown Cleaner
Joanne Brown Cleaner
Richard Buckley Teacher i/c KS4 & KS5 PE, P.E.
Chris Burns Teacher, Mathematics
Ann Chaddock Teacher, Art
Anne Charlton Sixth Form Student Support Services 
Robert Chisholm Supply Teacher
Stuart Cleary Deputy Headteacher, PE , Mathematics
Karen Cornforth ATS
Hilary Corton Data and Reports Manager
Catherine Davies Receptionist
Brian Davis Assistant Headteacher i/c KS4
Ruth Dawber Teacher-Science
Kate Day Whole School Teaching and Learning - More Able
Rosemary Dobson Senior Admin Officer
Lee Douglas Teacher - PE
Sandra Eddon Finance Officer/Receptionist
Cath Ellerby Midday Supervisor
Stephen Elliott ICT Technician
David Fairclough Subject Leader - KS3 Languages
Christine Farrell Subject Leader - English KS3/KS4
David Fazakerly Part-time Site Supervisor
Susan Ferns-Williams Teacher, English
Joanna Fowler ATS
Anita Frith Admin Assistant SEN 
Jenny Fuller Teacher, Geography
Keith Gaunt Cleaner
Amanda Gething Supply Teacher
Kathryn Grimshaw ATS
David Gwillam Subject Leader, Geography
Beverly Hainsworth Food Technology Technician
Kerry-Louise Hammond Teacher - PE
Susan Harrison Cleaner
Michelle Harvey Subject Leader - English KS3/5
Chris Head Whole School Teaching and Learning - Mentoring
Julie Heyes Teacher, Sociology
Martin Higham Subject Leader - Technology
Mark Hill Volunteer
Dawn Hissey Cleaner
Kathryn Holbrook Headteacher's PA
Paul Holbrook ATS
George Hollis Subject Leader, History
Rebecca Hornsey ATS
Claire Jackson ATS
Sarah Jackson Student Councillor
Sarah Jennings Teacher - English
Rachel Johnston Teacher, MFL
David Jones Teacher - Mathematics
James Kay Learning Support Assistant
Colin Keighley D&T Technician/Caretaker
Celia Kennedy Learning Support Assistant
Faye Laverick Subject Leader, Science
Natalie Lazenby Attendance Manager
Ken Lech Teacher, ICT
Jane Lovering Technician, Science
Anna Lowe Careers Advisor
Tom Maczka Teacher, Science
Ryan Makinson Technician ICT & Website Administrator
David Mann Outdoor Activities, MFL
Andrea Mark Subject Leader -German KS4/5
Peter McGrath Subject Leader, Art
Laura Meade Careers Advisor
Julie Middleton Art Drama Music Technician
Jane Mitchell Teacher, Mathematics
Sarah Monkman Pastoral Manager - Year 8 & 9
Alan Moore Teacher, History
Tiarnan O'Cleirigh Head of English
Andy Park Teacher, PE
Glenda Pearce ATS
Janet Pearson Teacher, Drama
Elaine Penley-Martin SPLD Admin
Janet Phillips Finance Manager
Lorraine Phippen Deputy Headteacher
Judith Prickett Teacher, RE
Abbie Pye Teacher - Geography
Marion Richardson Midday Supervisor
Margaret Robinson Teacher i/c Food, Textiles Technology
Katharine Robson Assistant Headteacher i/c KS3
Alex Rose Pastoral Manager Y6 & Y7
Sallie Russell Senior Site Supervisor
Terry Rutherford Site Supervisor
Chris Sharples Subject Leader, ICT
Fiona Shepherd Cleaning Supervisor
Chris Silburn Subject Leader, Drama
Derek Simpson Network Manager
Debbie Smith Learning Support Assistant
Matthew Smith E-Learning Development Manager
Chris Spooner Teacher, Mathematics
Sam Squibb Assistant Headteacher i/c Systems
Rosie Stapley Learning Support Assistant
Katie Stead Teacher, Science
Wendy Stead Reprographics & Admin
Ellen Steele Subject Leader - Mathematics
Lane Stephenson Teacher - Mathematics
Nicki Stephenson Teacher, Business Studies
Sue Stott SpLD Specialist Teacher
Ruth Sudlow Teacher - English
Fiona Strachan Technician, Art & Drama
Sam Taylor Teacher i/c Biology
Deborah Thompson ATS
Sarah Thompson Teacher - History
Jacqueline Thrall Cleaner
Francis Tom Technician, Science
Janine Turner Data Manager
Sarah Turner Teacher, P.E
Steve Varey Subject Leader, Business Studies
Christian Walton Vocational Coordinator
Janet Walton Library Manager
Fiona Ward Academic Manager for Sixth Form
David Warin Student Mentor
Clive Wass Subject Leader, Music
Emma Watson Head of Learning Support
Pat Watson Personnel Manager
Sue Welbourn Teacher, Mathematics
Peter White Teacher, Science
Rob Wilcock Teacher, i/c Media
Caroline Wilkie Exam Officer
Jonathon Wilks Teacher - English
Carolyn Willett Transition Coordinator
Dominic Wilson PE Technician
Joanne Wilson Teacher, Science
Rachel Wilson Subject Leader - French KS4/5
Lorraine Withington Subject Leader - PE
Victoria Wray Supply
Changming Wu Teacher, Psychology

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