Why should you study BTEC Sport?

The impact that sport has on British culture is huge. Sport and Physical Activity plays an important part in the life of everybody. Having a deeper understanding of all aspects of this will not only enable you to lead a healthier and more active life, it may also provide you with future employment in a relevant and interesting sector. If you have a serious interest in sport and feel you would like to follow a career in this path then this course could be for you. The course can lead into to further studies in either A-Level or BTEC National Diploma.

What Skills will it develop?

As well as giving a deeper and better understanding of all aspects of sport and physical activity the course will give you the opportunity to develop a range of skills from problem solving to leadership skills and working as a member of a team. Sport provides people with some vital life skills that this course will help develop.


The course has a mixture of both practical and theory. The practical will be used to back up what has been previously learnt through theory, making it interesting and relevant. There will not be a grade awarded for your practical performance in games, although grades can be achieved for showing good life skills such as leadership and working as a team. The course is modular and will study the following units – Practical Sports Performance, Fitness for Performance, Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Performance, Training for Personal Fitness, Leading Sports Activities, Running a Sports Event and Training and Personal Fitness and Expedition Experience.


The course is 90% coursework. Each unit will be split into 1-3 pieces of work. Each will have a specific scenario that must to be completed and will be graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction dependant on the criteria fulfilled. The coursework will pull on an accumulation of many different assessments in order to cater for a variety of different learning styles such as: written assignments (reports, essays, and diaries), presentations (individual/group), poster presentation and video analysis. All coursework can be marked and then re-submitted.


The students will sit two online exams in Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Performance and Fitness for Sports Performance. The exams will again be graded as Pass, Merit and Distinction.

In Conclusion

BTEC Sport is very different to any other GCSE’s due to the nature of the grading, and the type and variation of assessment. It is ideal for a young person who does very well in sport and would like to pursue a career in this area. If you have a genuine love for sport and all elements within it, then you will gain valuable skills and experiences that will benefit you in future education or employment.