Lady Lumley’s Enhanced Mainstream School for Cognition and Learning – EMS C&L

Lady Lumley’s is part of North Yorkshire County Council’s network of enhanced mainstream schools providing specialist advice and outreach support for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).  From our support base at the heart of Lady Lumley’s School, we provide specialist teaching advice and support to children and young people in primary and secondary schools, within the Ryedale, Wolds and East Coast area.

Children and young people with specific learning difficulties may experience particular difficulties in learning to read, write, spell or manipulate numbers to the extent that their performance in these areas may be below their performance in other areas, despite appropriate learning opportunities. They may also experience problems with the speed of processing information, with working memory, with organisational skills and with co-ordination.

The EMS C&L team at Lady Lumley's School

We have specialist teaching and support staff who are professionally trained and have specific expertise.  We have additional resources and funding to support the education of children with SpLD.

Lesanne Davison

Teacher in Charge

Sue Stott 

Specialist Teacher

Celia Kennedy

Advanced Teaching Support 

Glenda Pearce

Advanced Teaching Support 

Hilary Corton

Administrative Support


How to contact the EMS C&L team for advice

Telephone: 01751 470046 / 472846        E-mail:

About the support we offer...

Advice and training on:

  • Curriculum differentiation and personalised learning
  • Modification of the learning environment / the physical and educational implications of specific conditions
  • Access arrangements
  • Modelling and coaching of teaching approaches and support for targeted pupils within the mainstream schools


  • Transitions
  • Identification and assessment of specific needs
  • Professional development for staff
  • One to one teaching, where appropriate

Making a pupil referral for EMS C&L intervention and support

  • Children and families
  • SEND – local offer
  • SEND – education
  • SEND – specialist support and provision
  • Scroll down to Request for involvement documents and select first form – Request for involvement form.  Open or download, and the consent section is on page 4

Practical Resources for Parents and Schools

Click on the links below for our practical Top Tips to support children and young people with specific learning difficulties.