Prefects at Lady Lumley’s School

In a large School, organisation is critical, as is the inclusion of students as part of that organisation. The position of Prefect is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between students and staff. Becoming a Prefect is a valuable goal, the achievement of which forms an important part of a student’s personal development, opening their mind to new levels of responsibility and participation in a very positive way. Prefects are a tremendous help to the School and play a particularly important role in mentoring younger students.

From September 2020, Lady Lumley’s will have 27 Year 11 Prefects, proudly displaying their Prefect badge around the School. Students’ were nominated by their teachers during Year 10 and were chosen for displaying the qualities and values that we would expect from a Lady Lumley’s student – always ready to learn, high levels of respect for everyone in the School community and strong relationships with peers and staff.

Prefects are expected to support staff in helping to make the School run smoothly by taking on additional responsibilities and acting as role models to the rest of the School. Our Prefects support staff with helping to supervise areas around School during break or lunchtime, receive training to work as mentors for younger students, assist with the Year 6 Induction Programme and assist at key whole school events throughout the year.