Why should you study Physical Education?

Sport is important to us all.  It plays an ever-increasing part in the life of the nation.  If our national teams are doing well, then it lifts us all!  Understanding sport in our society is essential.  GCSE Physical Education provides an excellent opportunity for students who wish to extend their skills, knowledge and understanding gained in the compulsory lessons into a recognised qualification.  This course will also provide a foundation for further study, especially for students who wish to develop their love of sport into a future career.

What skills will it develop?

GCSE Physical Education will naturally help to improve your general all round ability in a variety of different practical activities.  This will be achieved through observation and analysis of your own and others performance and will almost certainly include the use of ICT equipment.  You will also be expected to take on the roles of coach and referee during the practical sessions.  Data handling forms an integral part of the course and you will be expected to present your work in a number of ways.  As well as all this your leadership skills, problem solving skills and ability to work within a group will be improved.


The course will combine both theory and practical work to produce a final grade.  During the theory sessions you will study various aspects of sports such as:  Health, fitness and Factors that affect performance; Principles of Training; Factors affecting individual performance and participation; Social and cultural factors that affect participation.  Through the practical aspect you will develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of practical activities.  You will also complete a training programme for a particular sport.


There are two parts to the coursework to be completed through the course and both are practically based.  All candidates have to plan, perform and evaluate a training programme with the purpose of improving performance in a specific activity. You will also be assessed on your practical performance in four different sports chosen from at least two of the following categories:  Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Athletics, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.  You will also be assessed on your knowledge of rules, tactics, training methods and skills analysis for one of these four activities.  Coursework is worth 60% of the final mark.


There is one (1 hour 30min) written exam worth 40% of the final mark, which consists of 4 sections, as outlined in the content paragraph.  Each question will require you to identify and discuss the various factors that affect your sporting performance and participation.  Candidates should be able to relate each section to one another, and where necessary justify their answers through careful analysis and presentation of information.

GCSE Physical Education gives you an excellent background if you want to go into Further Education Post 16. In Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form you can study AS and A2 Physical Education.

In conclusion

GCSE Physical Education is a very different subject that will engage your brain as well as your body.  You will learn an incredible amount of new information that will give you a greater understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in sport.  The chances are you will really enjoy it!!! The above course outline may change, but we hope this gives you an idea of what it will be like. For more information see Mrs Taylor or Mr Buckley.