Why Choose History?

Throughout the course, students will be given the opportunity to study from a variety of perspectives, including political, social, economic and cultural. Students will be encouraged to appreciate the diversity of the societies studied and the experiences of the people in these societies.

  • The course provides the opportunity to study 20th century history in both breadth and depth.
  • It builds on KS3 study; preparing students for A-level study.


We will be following the AQA Specification B, Modern World Course.  Students will sit two exams at the end of their study in year 11. Controlled assessment will be taught and completed in class, under exam conditions. This will take place in the summer term of year 10.

The Modern World History course includes the study of:


Unit One: International Relations, 1918-55

  • The causes of the First World War
  • Peacekeeping in 1918 and the League of Nations
  • Origins of the Second World War

37.5% of final grade

Unit Two: Depth Studies

  • Nazi Germany, 1929-45
  • America in the 1920’s; The ‘Roaring Twenties’
  • Vietnam War

37.5% of final grade

Unit Three: Controlled Assessment

  • The British People in War’

Students will answer two questions that focus on the utility of sources within structured lessons in school time.  This will be an evidence based investigation into how people’s lives changed during the First and Second World Wars. Aspects of the ‘Home Front’ will be studied including recruitment, rationing, evacuation, the role of women and the changing attitudes to warfare in general.

25% of final grade


GCSE History will use a variety of resources and activities including interactive methods, role-play, ICT and audio-visual aids. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the World War One Battlefields of Belgium and France, just before the February half term in year 10. Students will also be given the opportunity to subscribe to hindsight magazine to further their understanding and general interest in history.


The department offers a structured revision session in year eleven, both in and out of classroom hours. This starts from the Christmas of Year 11. After the completion of the mock exam each student is given the opportunity to individually review their performance with their class teacher. Beyond this the history department offers regular support and catch up sessions on Wednesday lunchtime.

Home Learning:

Students will be given a variety of tasks to complete to consolidate their learning and prepare for the next lesson. Students are expected to complete 45 minutes of home learning each week. Students will be able to access their home learning on Fronter.

Progression Routes

Developing the disciplines involved in the study of History will equip students well for a range of career opportunities including law, management, administration and education.

Subject Leader Contact

If you have any queries regarding Key Stage 4 History please contact Mrs Thompson through the school office or via email; sthompson@ladylumleys.net


History next year will be a subject which will make you think for yourself, and a subject where independent study habits will be encouraged. It will help you to make more sense of the world in which you live!