Why study English and what skills will it develop?

An ability to communicate well with other people is fundamental to your success both in your private life and at work.  In fact employers regard a qualification in English as a basic requirement of any employee.  Our aim is to improve your confidence and your skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. 

Course Content

Students study an integrated GCSE English Language and a Literature course for which they are awarded two GCSEs.  The course involves the study a wide range of material both fiction and non-fiction literary and journalistic texts.  Literary texts include plays (by Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights), poetry, and prose (novels and short stories).  The non-fiction texts will include advertising campaigns, newspaper reporting, radio and television programmes, and films.  The course provides considerable opportunities for reading, engaging with live or recorded performances, producing original creative responses, and developing high-level reading and writing skills. 


From 2017 English and Literature GCSEs will be assessed by examination only; there will no longer be either a coursework or a controlled-assessment element.


For examinations from 2017, grading will be by numbers 9-1 rather than by the current letters A*-G, with 9 being the highest grade. The value of the new grading has yet to be confirmed; but it would appear that the lower end of Grade 4 will equate to what is currently a low Grade C. There will no longer be the possibility of English and Literature to be taken as modular courses, instead a single full exams will be taken at the end of two years, as is currently the case at Lady Lumley’s.  Higher and Foundation levels of entry will no longer apply and students will be entered for a single examination.  

Progression Route

At Key Stage 5 we offer Advanced Level courses in English Literature and English Language. Both A levels are independent of each other and students may opt to study both.

In conclusion

We hope that studying English and English Literature will provide you with important skills and qualifications, as well as giving you an enjoyment of speaking, reading and writing which will last long after you have left school.  For more information please see Mr T O’Cleirigh or any member of the English department.