Why Study Art & Design?

Are you interested in Art?  Do you enjoy the challenge of creating paintings, drawings, designs and objects in different ways?  Do you want to find out how artists and designers, past and present, in Europe, America and other cultures tackle the same subjects?  Do you want to develop your own artistic skills?  Do you want to use your ideas and imagination creatively?  If the answers to these questions are mainly YES then Art is designed for you.

What skills will it develop?

Skills you already have will be developed and improved and you will learn some new techniques in a whole range of different materials.  Drawing and painting are the means by which you will develop investigative and decision making skills but you will also be involved in evaluating, appreciating and understanding the work of other artists and designers.

Course Content

Drawing and Painting from imagination and observation, printmaking, three dimensional work and graphic design are all part of the course.  You will have the opportunity to study at least three of these areas.  Also, photography and digital imagery are an important addition to studies.


Coursework counts for 60% of your total GCSE mark so you must be prepared to work very hard on each project.  Producing ideas and plans and investigations both at school and in your sketchbooks at home is part of the coursework.  Set home learning tasks are designed to improve your drawing and observational skills plus competent use of materials are very important.  At the end of the course each of you will put up an exhibition of your coursework assignments plus your examination work.


The examination at the end of the course takes place around March/April and the themes are set by the Exam Board.  It is designed to allow you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired during the course.  You will be expected to plan and develop ideas and artwork from the theme before the exam date.  A month is allowed for preparation and ten hours for producing the final piece of work.  This will count for 40% of your final grade.


Many students go on to study Art & Design related courses followed by a career in certain areas e.g. fine art, photography, product design, computer imaging and animation, theatre and costume design, education, architecture and interior design to name but a few.

In conclusion

Art is a subject that enables you to think for yourself and develop your own individuality.  Through projects set to improve and extend your skills you will learn to express yourself confidently and creatively using a wide range of materials and techniques.  If you need further information or have any questions please see Mr McGrath or Mrs Chaddock.