What does the course involve?

The course develops skills in three areas of mathematics; pure maths, statistics and decision mathematics. Pure maths extends the core maths covered at A level, whilst introducing new topics such as complex numbers. Statistics extends the concepts covered at A level, while decision maths studies algorithms and networks.

You will take two exams at the end of Year 12 and gain an AS Level qualification. In the Option module you will study further statistics and decision maths. If you choose to continue mathematics to A Level, you will take four exams at the end of Year 13. These exams will assess all content covered in Year 12 and Year 13. Please note that the exams taken at the end of Year 12 do not count towards the A Level grade.


AS Level   Further Pure Maths 1

                 Further Maths Option Paper  – Further Statistics and Decision Maths


A Level      Further Pure Maths 1

                  Further Pure Maths 2

                  Further Pure Option 1 - Further Statistics

                  Further Pure Option 2 - Decision Maths


 The course covers the Edexcel specification, which you can access at

What qualifications do I need?

This course is suitable for students who have achieved a grade ‘7’ or above in GCSE Mathematics. You must also be studying A-level Mathematics to follow this course.


We strongly advise students to purchase the Casio fx-991EX. This scientific calculator is essential for all units and you can purchase these through School at a discounted price at the beginning of Year 12. We also have maths specific software, which can enhance students’ understanding, installed on a number of computers around school.


All units are assessed by a written examination. At AS Level, Further Pure Maths 1 counts for 50% of the AS Level grade and Further Maths Option counts for 50% of the AS Level grade. At A Level, each unit counts for 25% of the A Level grade.

General Comments

Further mathematics extends students’ mathematical knowledge and understanding. It is an enjoyable and rewarding subject which explores new concepts and ideas to a high level.  It provides an additional challenge for any students who enjoy maths and are confident in their ability in the subject. It develops students’ understanding of mathematical processes and enables them to model real life problems.

Future Prospects

Further Mathematics is a requirement for most Mathematics degrees. Many degrees like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or Computer Science also require Further Mathematics to at least AS Level. The Further Maths Support Programme has excellent information regarding which Universities or courses require Further Mathematics:

Videos from the Department

Head of Maths, Mrs Steele, discusses both Maths and Further Maths with some current students, why they chose the course and what they found most interesting about taking the subject.