Here you can view and download the latest examination timetables for Lady Lumley's School, along with candidate information files.

pdf-iconInformation for candidates - onscreen tests.pdf 37 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconInformation for candidates - Privacy Notice.pdf 91 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconInformation for candidates - written exams.pdf 38 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconInformation for candidates ~.pdf 46 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconInformation for cands~cswk..pdf 44 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconJCQ Social Media.pdf 647 KB2020-03-16
doc-iconLLS Summer Timetable 2020.doc 73 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconNo Mobile Phones Poster.pdf 57 KB2020-03-16
doc-iconPermission to Collect Results.doc 247 KB2017-07-04
doc-iconPermission to Post Results.doc 248 KB2017-07-04
doc-iconReview of Marking Centre Assessed Marks.doc 359 KB2018-01-12
doc-iconValidation AS A2 (1).doc 37 KB2020-03-16
doc-iconValidation form GCSE.doc 38 KB2020-03-16
pdf-iconWarning to Candidates.pdf 33 KB2020-03-16