Core Values and Ethos

Lady Lumley’s School is in the market town of Pickering, home of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.  The school has 935 students in Years 7–13 with 142 in the sixth form. 

Because of its location and reputation, it is a truly comprehensive school. We take students from every background and every ability and produce a community where relationships are excellent, aspirations are high and almost every child succeeds. Since September 2013 we have run the school on a 3-period day where each lesson is 100 minutes long, a change introduced to further enhance students’ learning.  As a genuinely student-centred school, and following all the research evidence, we teach the vast majority of our students in mixed ability classes (classes mixed by prior attainment).

We work together to do the best for the students.  And when I say we, I mean every member of the school community.  Every member of staff is equally valued, and we benefit massively from the excellent relations between teaching staff and support staff and the outstanding support we get from parents and carers.

Our students deserve the best teaching and the best support, and we are committed to staff development as we know that highly trained, motivated and enthusiastic staff make the biggest impact on student progress.  We have excellent support staff who work hand-in-hand with teachers to promote student learning, either directly in the role of advanced teaching support or pastoral managers, or indirectly by the efficient administration of school systems.  We are really lucky that there is a genuine ‘one-staff’ ethos and the fact that students treat all the adults in the school with such respect.

In October 2019 we were Inspected by Ofsted. Our examination results that year were the best in the school’s history. The quality of education we provide was judged to be good as was the Sixth Form. Unfortunately, our overall judgement was Inadequate, and Ofsted raised concerns about how we dealt with bullying and how we ensured all students felt safe on the school site. Students also reported to them that they heard too much racist and homophobic language in school. Since this Ofsted Inspection all our staff have worked incredibly hard to tackle the issues raised. I am delighted to now be able to say that our students are telling us they do feel safe in school, that we are taking bullying seriously and that they do have trusted adults in school who they can talk to. Our students also tell us that the use of racist language is now extremely rare and that the use of homophobic language has been significantly reduced.

Because of our Ofsted rating the school is in the process of converting to an Academy. Rather than seeing this as a threat I see this as a fantastic opportunity to work in partnership with other schools in order to help us on our journey to becoming a truly great school.

Since taking over as acting Headteacher in June 2020 I have been determined to develop a school that our students are proud to attend. During lockdown we asked them to identify the key characteristics they felt they wanted to develop, not only within themselves but within everyone associated with the school community. The six core values they have identified are: Equality, Respect, Integrity, Resilience, Kindness and Community.

Equality – we believe everyone within the school community is equal and should be treated as an equal. We will not tolerate discrimination in any form.

Respect – we believe all our relationships should be underpinned by mutual respect.  It is the responsibility of everyone in our community to lead by example.

Kindness – we believe kindness goes hand in hand with respect and that doing something kind for others develops our own self-worth.

Integrity – we believe all our actions should be based around a real moral purpose

Resilience – we believe our students can achieve anything they want to achieve if they truly believe they can.

Community – we believe we are stronger together