What does the course involve?

To introduce students to English language studies. The course is designed to encourage students to become increasingly independent as they learn to apply a range of methods of analysis in their exploration of the English language in a variety of contexts, including spoken language, print-based language and multi-modal forms.  Students are also introduced to the concepts of language and will have an opportunity to develop their creative writing skills to develop their expertise in using language to communicate in different ways.

At AS Level: Subject content:

  • Spoken language of the media
  • Investigating data
  • Critical and creative writing


Component 1: 50% of qualification

Component 2: 50% of qualification

At A2 Level: Subject content:

  • Analysis of spoken language
  • Language issues
  • Language change over time
  • English in the twenty-first century
  • Creative and critical use of language
  • Language and identity – independent study


Component 1: 30% of qualification

Component 2:  30% of qualification

Component 3: 20% of qualification

Coursework : worth 20%

General Comments

As a student of English Language you will be proficient in the exploration of language in a variety of contexts.  You will have opportunities to develop a wide and deep knowledge of the systems of the English Language and of issues relating to language and its uses.  English Language allows you to explore opportunities to develop your creativity building upon skills you will have acquired at GCSE level.

 Future Prospects

English Language is an academic subject valued by universities, colleges and employers. The course will provide you with a suitable foundation for the study of English Language or a related area on a range of higher education courses.

Videos from the Department

Mr O'Cleirigh, Head of English, discusses the A-Level English Language and English Literature course content, such as how language has evolved and what you may be studying