What does the Eduqas Computer Science course involve?

This exciting specification promotes the integrated study of computer science. It will enable learners to develop a broad range of skills in the areas of programming, system development, computer architecture, data, communication and applications. For students who have completed the Eduqas GCSE, there is a great deal of continuity:  Python remains the programming language of choice and the assessment is in a similar format.


You will follow the AS for Year 12, leading onto the A-level course at Year 13.  Both Eduqas courses are designed to be co-teachable, with all content in the AS re-examined at A-level.


What qualifications do I need?

This course is suitable for students who have achieved the equivalent of grade 4 or above in Computer Science.


Use of a computer at home with Internet access is important. All software and resources will be provided.


AS Level:
Component 1

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Written examination – 2 hours.


70% of qualification

AS Level:
Component 2

Practical Programming to Solve Problems

On-screen examination – 2h15m.
Planning, Programming and Evaluation. 

30% of qualification

The A level consists of two theory exams on hardware and software as well as a 20% examined assessment. 


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Future Prospects

Computer Science is important in its own right, but also as an enabler for other subjects; especially STEM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

You need to consider where jobs will be available in the future and what skills and qualifications will enable you to be successful in your choice of career.

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Videos from the Department

Meet Mr Turnes, teacher of Computer Science, who asks some of his current students about the course, why they took it and what they like about it