Music Course Outline

Qualification - EDEXCEL GCSE Music

Music is an exciting, creative, inspiring and versatile subject, one which universities and employers regard highly. It is unique in being both a highly creative and an academic subject.

GCSE Music is split into the following Units:

Unit 1: Performance – 1 solo recording and 1 ensemble recording.

Unit 2: Composition - 2 Compositions,1 set to a brief (y11) and 1 ‘free’ composition (y10).

Unit 3: Appraising: 4 Areas of Study with 2 set works in each:

• Instrumental Music 1700 – 1820 (Bach and Beethoven)
• Vocal Music (Purcell and Queen)
• Music for Stage and Screen (Williams and Schwartz)
• Fusion (Afro Celt and Esperanza)

Skills Required

• To be able to sing or play an instrument.
• Have an interest or be prepared to develop an interest in different styles of music.
• Have the ability to work independently to prepare performance pieces.
• Have a passion for and commitment to Music.

Assessment Method

Unit 1 Performance: Coursework (30%)

Unit 2 Composition: Coursework (30%)

Unit 3 Appraising: Listening Exam (40%)

Post 16 Opportunities and careers

GCSE Music naturally leads on to a Music or Performing Arts A level or BTEC course.
The music industry offers a huge range of opportunities in many different careers such as performing, teaching, composing, arts administration, sound engineering, production, music therapy, conducting, arts journalism, arts legal work and curating.

GCSE Music also develops excellent and attractive transferrable skills such as critical thinking, team working, creativity, leadership, communication, independence and organisational skills to name but a few.

“Music at GCSE level has taught me many new skills such as how to develop my creative ideas into a longer composition, as well as introducing me to many different styles of music and their techniques that I didn’t know about before. It has also helped my performance skills and has allowed me to develop as both a solo and ensemble player.”
Polly- GCSE Music student

‘Music is what tells us that the human race is far greater than we realise.’ Napoleon Bonaparte

Videos from the Department

Mrs Welburn-Kelly gives an upbeat introduction to the Music course, what you will cover, including the set pieces to study.