Geography Course Outline

Qualification : Double GCSE

GCSE Geography is a dynamic subject that opens doors and offers you the opportunity to explore both the human and physical world you live in. GCSE geography is split into the following components, each examined separately:

Component 1: Global Geographical Issues

Hazardous Earth, Development Dynamics and Challenges of an Urbanising World.

Component 2: UK Geographical Issues

The UK’s Evolving Physical Landscape (Coasts and rivers), The UK’s Evolving Human Landscape (Cities). This unit also includes two pieces of fieldwork, which will be assessed in the Component 2 exam.

Component 3: People and Environment Issues � Making Geographical Decisions:

People and the Biosphere, Forests Under Threat, Consuming Energy Resources. This exam also includes a geographical decision making exercise.

Assessment Method

There will be three exams in the summer of Year 11, one for each component detailed in the course outline.

Component 1: 1 hour 30 mins, 37.5% of the GCSE
Component 2: 1 hour 30 mins, 37.5% of the GCSE
Component 3: 1 hour 30 mins 25% of the GCSE

Each exam will include multiple choice questions, short open, open response and extended writing questions.


Skills Required


When studying geography many students remark on the overlaps with other subjects. You will find links with nearly all your GCSE subjects, therefore the skills required to be successful are transferable between geography and your other subjects. Literacy and numeracy are both needed in equal measure. However, the most important skill required is your passion and commitment to the course.


Post 16 Opportunities and careers

Opportunities and careers
Geography is the cornerstone of the curriculum and can therefore lead to a wide range of opportunities and careers. Here is just a small selection:

• Town planning
• Military
• Politics
• Aid work
• Journalism
• Logistics
• Environment Agency
• Ecology
• Park Ranger
• Further education


"Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future." Michael Palin

Videos from the Department

Mrs Pye's presentation discusses who teachers the subject and what's involved in GCSE Geography!