Drama Course Outline

Qualification : GCSE

GCSE Drama (Eduqas) allows students to study theatre practically as actors, directors and designers. Students will devise their own work, work from scripts, explore features of technical theatre, write essays and take part in live theatre trips.

Component 1: Devising Theatre

Students work as actors or designers, devising their own work in a theatrical style, using a stimulus set by the exam board.

Component 2: Performance from a Text

Students prepare an extract of text for performance; they can work as actors or designers.

Component 3: Interpreting Theatre

Written exam. Section A is a series of questions on a set text. In Section B, students have to write about a piece of live theatre they have seen during the course.

Skills Required

To be successful you need to:

•Enjoy being involved in and watching live theatre

•Enjoy the practical exploration of texts and different theatrical techniques

•Have a good level of organisation and self-discipline 


Post 16 Opportunities and careers

All jobs require you to play a role! As well as careers in acting and in the world of theatre, drama contains many of the skill sets required to work within creative industries such as:

•Advertising and marketing

•Film, TV, video, radio and photography

•Backstage, technical theatre, design

•Music, performing and visual arts


“Drama’s fun- I get to be creative and express myself. I like being active in lessons” Jack

"Drama is about life.  It’s about our own lives- past, present and future. It’s about the lives of others. It’s about the ability for a piece of theatre, a story, or even a warm-up to move us and give us a live experience shared with others."

Videos from the Department

Mrs Goodwill introduces the Drama course and speaks to some of our current students.