Business BTEC Course Outline

Qualification - GCSE - AQA

Life isn’t like the Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice all the time but we will ensure you are very well equipped for your own future if you choose Business Studies as one of your GCSE options. It is an exciting time to study business. Do you really understand what is going on in the economy? Could you set up and run your own business? Do you understand how businesses market their products and servicesto us? This course will provide all the answers and more and could genuinely set you up for life.

The course comprises of 2 units across 2 years;

Unit 1: Influences of Operations and HRM on Business Activity which is worth 50% of the overall grade. This unit focussing on entrepreneurship and small business start-ups.
and the impact of manufacturing and people.

Unit 2: Influences of Marketing and Finance on Business Activity which is also worth 50% of the overall grade. This unit focusses on the expansion and growth of businesses and the decision making involved and the importance of marketing and money.

Skills Required

• The ability to communicate and explain your ideas.
• The ability to think creatively and make decisions.
• The ability to work with numbers to solve business problems.
• The ability to carry out research and investigation to learn about the world of business.

Assessment Method

Unit 1: 1 hour and 45 minutes written examination (50% of the total GCSE grade)

Unit 2 : 1 hour 45 minutes written examination (50% of the total GCSE grade)

PLEASE NOTE : there is no longer a controlled assessment element in this course.

Post 16 Opportunities and careers

Following completion of this course, students will be very well equipped to move onto a wide range of business and economics based courses particularly an AS/A2 Business Studies course which is an excellent progression and run here at Lady Lumley’s.  A high proportion of our students also continue their studies at university or through apprenticeships in industry.  

"I am pleased I chose Business as one of my options. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect but it is so relevant to real life and useful that I am very keen to go on and study it at A Level."
A quote from one of our current GCSE Business students.

‘Seventy percent of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person

Videos from the Department

Mr Varey introduces himself and the subject and why Business Studies (including the BTEC variant) will affect everything you do, including how you can use it to create your own career path in the future.