English Language Course Outline

Qualification : Double GCSE

English Language

Component 1: 20th Century Literature Reading and Creative Prose Writing.

Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes 40% of qualification

Component 2: 19th and 21st Century

Non-Fiction Reading and Transactional/ Persuasive Writing. Written examination: 2 hours 60% of qualification

Component 3: Spoken Language

Non-exam assessment Unweighted


Component 1: Shakespeare and Poetry

Written examination: 2 hours40% of qualification

Component 2: Post-1914 Prose/Drama, 19th Century Prose and Unseen Poetry

Written examination: 2 hours and 30 minutes 60% of qualification


Assessment Method

Both subjects are assessed 100% by examination:

Modules covered

• poetry

• prose: documentary and literary

• drama


Skills Required

• a strong reading ability

• a good standard of writing

• an ability to analyse accurately

• confident creative thinking


Post 16 Opportunities and careers

Achieving the upper bands in English or Literature will qualify students to progress to A level study in either or both subjects each of which is a highly-regarded qualification for university entrance and an excellent preparation for further study across wide range of subject-areas including Humanities, Law, Psychology, or Earth Sciences.


“Perhaps everything could be a metaphor!” Tom C.

"English is the official language of the sky! It doesn’t matter which country they are from, all pilots speak in English on international flights."

Videos from the Department

Mr O'Cleirigh introduces the English course and shows some examples of what you will study!