Oct 5, 2017

Headteacher's Blog

Posted by: rbramley

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

We had an amazingly busy and successful Year 6 to 7 Open Evening last night (Wednesday 4th October).  As well as two speeches from me in the hall we had every subject represented and there was a great atmosphere throughout with large numbers of pupils from Years 5 and 6 and their families looking around the school.  We even had an extra bit of excitement as the Bunsen burners in one of the science labs set off the fire alarm and we had to evacuate the school until we knew it was safe to return.  I was really impressed with the way the visitors and staff handled the emergency and everybody was in high spirits despite 10 minutes standing in the car park in the rain.  Overall it was a great night and everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves and learnt more about Lady Lumley’s School from the staff and students present that night.


As always, we had Year 7 students volunteering as tour guides and they did a fantastic job.  These boys and girls have only been at the school just over 4 weeks yet they felt confident enough about themselves and the school to show families around and answer questions about their own experiences so far at Lady Lumley’s.  As I said in my talks to the parents, carers and pupil, this shows both the strong foundation the students have received at their primary schools and the excellent transition programme we have in collaboration with our partner primary schools.   Wednesday night was the first part of the transition process and it will be followed by the Roadshows where we see all the new students, the Induction Days in the summer and the Meet the Tutor Group evening in July.  We also try to visit every student in their primary school and by the time they come in in September (when  they have their first half-day as the only students in the school) they are pretty much settled  into their new environment.

Richard Bramley