Jan 27, 2017

Headteacher's Blog

Posted by: rbramley


This is a fantastic resource in so many ways..  Every parent/carer should have their child’s log-in details and should be regularly logging onto Fronter. (there is a link on the school’s webpage or save it on your bookmarks toolbar).  As well as other information, every Home Learning is put on Fronter and parents/carers and students can see what is set, when it is due and any other information necessary.  The example below is taken from a Year 8 class in maths.  Miss Spencer has also put on a link to the worksheet, so if the sheet was lost or forgotten, or if the student was away, they can still complete the home learning.  Ask your son or daughter for their log-in, keep it somewhere safe and secure (it should only be known to mum/dad and the child), log-in and this is another way you  can support your child with their schooling.

Richard Bramley