Jan 8, 2017

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Posted by: rbramley


Latest news as at 15:45 Sunday.  Still moving slowly due to poor weather and so missed the assigned flight.  The staff and students will be staying overnight in hotel in Munich and travel company and airline working on finding flights tomorrow.  Staff with the skiing trip will contact parents when firm detials are knowm - this will almost certainly be Monday.  I will keep this site updated with news as soon as I get it.  Everybody OK.

Update 17:00 Sunday. 

Flight has been arranged Munich to Luton for 7.00 pm (UK time).  This means the whole party can travel  together.  By the time they have got through customs etc., not expected back to Pickering until the small hours of Tuesday morning.   Staff and students will need some time to recover from the late nights and long journey, so not expected back in school unitil Wednesday. 

Update 19:20 Sunday

Hotel booked.  Plane leaving 8:00 p.m. German time and landing 9:05 pm UK time at Luton.  All parents have been contacted.  Thanks to all parents, students and staff for the way everyone is coping with this.


Last Update

Tuesday 17:20.  Staff and students safely home. Thanks to all who made it possible.


Richard Bramley