Jul 17, 2015

Oxford Uni Open Day

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Aiming for Oxford – by Rosie Cousins (Yr12)

On Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd July,  four prospective Oxford students from Lady Lumley’s School were lucky enough to be invited to stay at Brasenose College and attend the Oxford University open day.

The colleges were stunning, with architecture reminiscent of stately homes and palaces. Think something from a Disney castle, with stone turrets and winding staircases. Brasenose dining hall, in particular, reminded us of something from a film rather than from a place of education! The traditional ‘quads’ we encountered frequently, with some colleges having over three, but they could rarely be walked upon. One tradition, revealed to us by our tour guide, was to walk backwards around the quad drinking port whenever the clocks go back! We agreed that we’d all enjoy such bizarre traditions.

It wasn’t all aesthetics though. The facilities were fantastic, as we found out by taking part in a mock tutorial. This system is what sets Oxbridge apart from the crowd, because students are able to debate and discuss topics with the best in their field, thus making their university experience more personal and stimulating.

Following the talks, we were given a tour of the college by a friendly undergraduate- a highlight was the Brasenose underground café which was transformed into a bar come evening- and a pint was a mere £1.70 (if only I was old enough to drink!) Another highlight was the Christ Church library, in which the entire East Wing was dedicated to history books only. For one of our prospective history students, this was a dream come true!

 We visited five colleges in all (out of a grand total of 38!) but all stayed loyal to Brasenose: it was the friendly atmosphere there that enticed us most, along with the quality of their tutors. However, with 33 colleges still unvisited, we wouldn’t rule out a further visit!