Oct 7, 2014

Gold D of E Training Weekend

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Gold Duke of Edinburgh's training weekend

On Friday 3rd of October, an intrepid band of young explorers gathered together at 0900 hours at the coordinates (795,846)…School. We initiated with some important basics; CPR and compass work. After this we were gagged and blindfolded and abandoned in the middle of the Moors with only a map, a compass and our wits to help us. After hours of hard toil, we managed to find our way to the school’s Rosedale Outdoor Centre (www.yorkshirebunkhouse.co.uk) , which would serve as our base of operations. Naturally, we settled down to a delicious meal and a game of Risk, the strategy board game. Our tasks for the day were not done yet though! We set out late in the evening for some night navigation, returning back for midnight. This task was not easy, but, with the guidance of Mr Mann and Mr Gwillam, we made it through. 

The next day began to a full English and then, the mammoth task of cleaning the centre. After this, we planned our routes and set out once again. Although the weather was abysmal, it did little to dampen our spirits. After a brief lunch, we met with Mr Mann and Mr Gwillam and returned to school, concluding our great journey. Mr Mann commented “The group were an absolute pleasure to teach and proved themselves as skilled candidates for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We are looking forwards to their summer assessment expedition in either the Lake District or Scotland!”. 

By Matthew Knowles (Yr12) and Toby Mennell (Yr12).