Sep 15, 2014

Yr12 debate Scottish Independence

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Posted by: fward

With the Scottish Independence vote only four days away, the Yr12 students held their own debate on this hot topic on Monday 15th Sep during Period 2.  Although none will have the vote on Thursday, it was an opportunity for our students to give their opinions as to the pros and cons of Scotland breaking away from the United Kingdom.

Amongst the reasons for a 'Yes' vote: 'Northerners don't like being ruled by Southerners, so think how much the Scots hate it', 'Their own country can do what they want and they already have a devolved parliament', 'Scottish universities will be cheaper for the English' and 'Oil!'.  Reasons for a 'No' vote included: 'No more Great Britain', 'huge uncertainty over currency and entry to the EU for Scotland', 'no more Union Jack flag', 'Trade problems between Scotland and the rest of the UK', 'Scottish athletes unable to appear at the Rio Olympics'.

There were many more interesting reasons in this debate, and at the end of the session, the students had the opportunity to vote....Perhaps unsurprisingly, the vote was heavily in favour of a 'NO', with only 15% of the students voting 'YES'.  One student remarked, 'imagine we were having this debate as Scottish students in a Scottish would be very different!' 

Pictured: Tatam Eves and Oliver Landy cast their votes.